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Our core competency is providing legal advocacy on behalf of Bay Area property owners. This includes, but is not limited to:



Owner Move In Eviction

In certain limited circumstances, tenants can be legally transitioned out of a rental unit because of an owner’s desire to use the property for their own use. More »


In-Law Units

Public policy has favored the construction of these pint-sized units, but the maddening regulations are best approached with Bornstein Law. More »


Just Cause Evictions

When rent control applies, the government regulates rent increases and in those jurisdictions, landlords can only evict in limited circumstances. More »



Unlawful Detainer Actions

When a tenant fails to pay rent, or violates other covenants in the lease, landlords can take corrective actions up to and including an eviction. More »


Rent Board Appearances

When landlords find themselves in a deadlock in rent control jurisdictions, Bornstein Law can protect their rights at a rent board hearing. More »


Marijuana in Rental Units

Whether you are for or against legalized marijuana, Prop 64 is sure to impact your rental business. You need adequate protection. More » 


Tenant actions can create conditions that are harmful or offensive to others, necessitating the landlord to address the underlying behavior. More »


Short Term Rentals

Bornstein Law has been pioneers in the ever-evolving rules and regulations relating to Airbnb rentals and other iterations of the temporary flop. More »


Tenant Hoarding

Hoarding is a vexing problem for Bay Area landlords & property managers. When it is discovered, proactive but compassionate steps are in order. More »



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Meet the recognized leaders in landlord-tenant relations, having resolved thousands of disputes involving complex rent control issues and all manner of other troublesome real estate litigation for over two decades.

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