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Our core competency is providing aggressive legal advocacy on behalf of Bay Area property owners.

As seasoned Bay Area real estate lawyers, we have litigated thousands of landlord-tenant disputes involving complex rent control issues and all manner of troublesome real estate litigation, including but not limited to:


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Legal battles underscore many issues with short term rental agreements.


Airbnb has created some buzz lately, having recently settled a lawsuit with its hometown. As part of the agreement, Airbnb has committed to more transparency about its hosts and pledges to assist in the enforcement of regulations.
We were somewhat prophetic in characterizing short term rental agreements as unworkable and sure enough, these issues are coming to a head with vengeance in multiple legal venues with Airbnb taking a more proactive and offensive stance. Read our two-part series about this topic to get some context and take aways for property owners and real estate professionals.

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Daniel Bornstein and his team are top notch handling every aspect of property law in the Bay Area. Considering they are one of the toughest and roughest players in the game these reviews show just how remarkable of a job they do for their clients. They have so much experience on all sides of these issues that I can’t imagine many coming close to matching them. I have worked a lot with one of their managers, Jonas Judd. He has an incredible wealth of experience and knowledge about every aspect of landlord and tenant problems. There isn’t much he hasn’t seen and he takes pride in knowing more about managing properties than anybody I have met in the business. He not only gets the issues, but understands the best approach to take to get them resolved successfully.
— Aaron B., San Francisco, CA, January 2016





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