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The State of San Francisco Real Estate Prices

With some notable exceptions, the housing market has recovered nationwide, and Bay residents are singled out as among the top beneficiaries of the rebounding real estate prices.


San Francisco Tenant Buyout Overview

If your Bay Area rental unit is below market rent, you may enteratin a tentant buyout whereby the tenants vacate the premises per agreement. It's imperative that you fulfill your obligations and follow regulations to the letter in order to avoid substantial legal and financial liability. Here's
a quick overview on this subject.


Habitability issues facing Oakland landlords

Following reports of perilous conditions in Oakland housing conditions, Oakland officials are contemplating sweeping, proactive code inspections in neighborhoods to enforce health and safety standards. This proposed initiative brings into focus many habitability issues facing landlords today.


The State Of San Francisco Evictions

Recently published eviction numbers are in from the San Francisco Rent Board. This body took into account 20 years of eviction histories, and their findings are illuminating. Contrary to popular belief, bay area evictions are decreasing overall. Yet there is an uptick for non-payment evictions as some residents cannot keep pace with rising rents. 



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