2018 Will Usher In Changes For Rental Property Owners & Real Estate Professionals. Are You Ready?

After a flurry of housing bills being inked and local governments enacting their own ordinances, legislative and regulatory changes are on the horizon. While the law can change at breakneck speed, you can count on Bornstein Law to help you keep pace, whether they occur in city halls or under the dome of the state Capitol.




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Areas of Practice

The real estate attorneys at Bornstein Law have fiercely protected the rights of property owners throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for over two decades and are an authority in the specialized facet of landlord-tenant law.


The breadth of our practice includes, but is not limited to:

  • Rent Control
  • Unlawful Detainer Actions
  • Owner Move-In Evictions
  • Just Cause Evictions
  • In-Law Unit Planning & Legalizing Illegal Units
  • Airbnb & Short Term Rentals
  • Tenant Nuisances
  • Security Deposits
  • Just Cause Evictions





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Bornstein Law is The Authority on Rent Control

California does not have any statewide rent control law. Rather, it is the prerogative of municipalities to set a special set of laws that govern rent increase limits and restrictions on evictions. In some circumstances, relocation assistance is warranted when a tenant is transitioned out of the rental unit. Rental housing providers need to know the ordinances in their locale.
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