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It seems that legislators and regulators got together to protect the rights of tenants, but no concerted effort was made to protect good landlords against bad tenants. Bornstein Law fills the void.
While there is a plethora of resources available to tenants, our core competency is representing, counseling, and advocating on behalf of rental property owners to protect their rights and equalize the playing field.

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  • There are several competing narratives within the real estate industry on how tax reform will impact property owners.

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The rental housing industry is facing winds of change. Are you ready?
With a brisk number of housing bills slated to go into effect in 2018, there are still more consequential proposals being floated in city halls and under the dome of the State Capitol, with property taxes, rent control and local zoning rules front and center. Bornstein Law will help you keep pace with the myriad of issues that impact your real estate business.







Bornstein Law is The Authority on Rent Control

California does not have any statewide rent control law. Rather, it is the prerogative of municipalities to set a special set of laws that govern rent increase limits and restrictions on evictions. In some circumstances, relocation assistance is warranted when a tenant is transitioned out of the rental unit. Rental housing providers need to know the ordinances in their locale.
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