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The Community Opportunity to Purchase Act gives nonprofits the first dibs on multifamily units being put on the market; recent case law suggests single-family homes with multiple dwelling units may be subject to rent control; RAP notice fees will add muscle to Oakland's oversight of rental properties, and more.

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It seems that lawmakers and regulators got together to protect the rights of tenants, but no concerted effort was made to protect good landlords from bad tenants. That's the domain of Bornstein Law.

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As proud East Bay residents, we have been elated to witness Oakland's growth and emergence as a formidable city in the Bay Area. In the same breath, we have been alarmed that the needle of progress is moving in the wrong direction with more stringent rent control measures, most recently the nixing of rent control exemptions for owner-occupied duplexes and triplexes. 

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Mr. Bornstein helped me with a difficult tenant situation recently and was thoroughly forthright and effective. As an added plus, he seemed extremely scrupulous about avoiding needless "billable hours." I am elated at having been referred to him.


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We are heavy consumers of Bay Area housing news, and every now and then, we are interjected into the stories we read. 

Numerous outlets have called upon us to provide a counter-narrative to the chorus of tenant advocates and offer a fresh perspective through the lens of property owners. 

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Numerous professional entities have invited Daniel Bornstein to lecture on issues germane to landlords, property managers, and real estate professionals alike, and we often host our own workshops on complex rent control regulations to give rental property owners and real estate practitioners a strategic advantage. View upcoming events and see how they are garnering media attention.


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