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It seems that regulators and legislators got together to protect the rights of tenants, but no concerted effort was made to protect good landlords from bad tenants.

Bornstein Law equalizes the playing field through the staunch advocacy of property owners. Whether you find your rental business mired in a lease dispute, encounter problematic tenants, or face a myriad of other issues that impact housing providers, you can rely on proper counsel to manage legal relationships, avoid or resolve conflict, and cauterize risk.





The rental industry is experiencing the winds of legislative and regulatory change. Are you ready?

Although laws and regulations are in a constant state of flux, Bornstein Law designs to keep you abreast of the dizzying changes to survie and thrive in today's challenging and litigous environment. Peruse our knowledge base with helpful articles, downloadable PDFs, and other resources.







As proud East Bay residents, we have been encouraged to see Oakland get the respect it deserves as an emerging force in the Bay Area, but it has also become a bastion of tenant protections.

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