Alameda Rent Ordinance &
The Alameda Rent Review Advisory Committee


Since March 31, 2016, rental property owners are subject to the cities’ Rent Ordinance, designed to protect vulnerable tenants from losing their homes amid skyrocketing rents.
Although the ordinance does not place a cap on rent increases, it does compel the owner to notify the city’s Rent Review Advisory Committee, which mediates disputes between tenants and landlords, if the proposed rent increase is more than 5 percent. This Committee is composed of two landlords, two tenants, and one homeowner, are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council.
If the owner or tenant disagrees with the Committee’s decision concerning a multi-family rental unit built before February 1995, either party make seek an appeal in front of a hearing officer whose final decision is legally binding.
Tenants can turn to the Committee for help if they are facing a rent increase of less than 5 percent. While the body may attempt to mediate the matter, their decision in non-binding.
Alameda Rent Control Provisions also include “just cause” protections that prevent landlords from evicting a tenant without specific grounds, such as non-payment of rent, nuisances, and other breaches of the lease.


Alameda Rent Control Relocation Expenses

When the tenant is evicted through no fault of their own and in some other circumstances, the landlord may be responsible for paying household relocation expenses. If a relocation payment is required, half of the sum is due at the time he or she gives the tenant a notice of termination of tenancy The remaining balance of the relocation payment is due once the landlord confirms that the unit is vacant.
There are many nuances in the rules of Alameda rent control, and every circumstance is different. Given the unforgiving deadlines, specialized documentation, and potential pitfalls, it is imperative to consult with an attorney that is intimately familiar with the rules and regulations, and has made regular appearances before the Review Advisory Committee.