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Experienced & Dependable Litigation

We have successfully litigated thousands of landlord tenant disputes, including matters involving complex rent control issues, nuisance claims, habitability defense, and owner move-in terminations. We are a recognized Bay Area leader in this highly specialized area of law. Our expertise includes business litigation, personal injury claims, and disputes arising between co-owners of property.



Growth & Management Assets

We assist real estate professionals in resolving both complex tenancy-in-common disputes and HOA litigation, as well as providing real estate transaction services. Through our affiliation with Bay Property Group, we provide real estate owners with a complete menu of services for your investments, including landlord advocacy, property management, and purchase/sale consulting.




Recognized & Deliberate

For over 21 years, we have been successfully resolving some of the most troublesome legal cases in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are adept at pursuing complex claims on behalf of aggrieved plaintiffs and defendants in contested disputes. As a recognized leader in this area of the law, we serve a great diversity of clients, including international banks, brokerage firms, and individual investors.



Disputes & Complications


Dept. of Building Inspections / permit issues
Section 8 / public housing issues
For-cause evictions (throughout the Bay Area)
Tenant buy-out agreements
Commercial and residential leases
California renters law and tenants rights




Purchase / sale disputes
Disputes between co-owners
Landlord – tenant litigation
Real property purchase / sale
Property management concerns
Wrongful evictions / habitability defense




Are you contemplating the conversion of your existing property into an Accessory Dwelling Unit, or bringing your current illegal in-law unit up to compliance?

While newly enacted legislation present opportunities, there is considerable red tape and maddening regulations that are best journeyed with Bornstein Law. Call us at 415-409-7611 or visit our sister site that covers this topic more extensively,




Call upon Daniel Bornstein to strengthen your chance of prevailing.


Daniel Bornstein, Expert Witness

Having amassed over 20 years of industry-leading practical and academic experience, Daniel Bornstein is a foremost and well-respected expert in landlord-tenant disputes and other property management issues. Leverage this depth to accurately and efficiently identify the most compelling facts for use during trial.
You can also rely on his communication skills to articulate legal complexities in an easily understood and compelling manner to help juries comprehend and be convinced of your client’s position.

For more information on retaining Daniel Bornstein as an expert witness in your case, visit →





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