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Daniel Bornstein did an outstanding job for us! As new owners of a multi-unit building we were immediately faced with a host of tenant challenges. We felt helpless in the process, under seige and began to regret our decision to buy. After interviewing a few attorneys of significant reputation we decided to work with Mr. Bornstein who we found very factual and precise. He was able to expertly navigate the situation and educate us as new owners. Mr. Bornstein is a rarity amongst attorneys as he is very cost conscious for his clients and works with laser precision. He was able to bring closure quickly to a difficult and onerous process. I would highly recommend Daniel Bornstein.”

— Alex F., San Francisco, CA, July 2013

When I purchased my first building in San Francisco, I was not aware that I would be subjected to so many people willing to lie, cheat and steal in order to extort money from me. I have dealt with some pretty shady characters in tough situations, but those were only a training ground for my adventures as an SF property owner and landlord. If you are a multi-unit property owner in SF, you are a target by tenants, contractors and the city itself to get as much of your money as possible by whatever means necessary. The tactics they will use range the full gamut of bullying to vandalism, flat-out dishonesty and threats – even if you are extremely kind and respectful in your dealings (maybe especially so). This is why you MUST have the BEST attorney representing you in all of your legal property affairs in SF. There is no exception. Daniel provided consultation to me when shopping for real estate in SF. He helped me make important decisions that impacted financing, negotiations, and other strategic factors which will ultimately impact me and my family for many years to come. Daniel represented me in a lawsuit with a contractor who was trying to leverage a lien to extort money for services not rendered and/or rendered poorly. Daniel saved me thousands of dollars and put my mind at ease with sound advice. Daniel also represented me in several tenant issues. These types of issues can be very tricky in San Francisco, because the laws and regulations in place to protect people who need assistance are often abused by those who do not need or qualify for the same support. Again, he saved me tens of thousands of dollars and kept me in the power position so I could make sure everyone was treated fairly. His consultations and representation helped me do more than just accomplish my goals – I exceeded my goals and added value to my investments. Collaborating with Daniel was an experience of witnessing mastery in SF real estate law. He was quick to respond and concise in his consultation – he will not waste your time which ultimately saves you money. Daniel is a walking encyclopedia of SF property law – he is up to date with all of the silly and intricate exceptions one must abide by in order to navigate the systems in place. He is a strategic genius: Daniel was always several steps ahead of everyone in the process allowing us to maneuver the issues that came up with much more adaptability than our opponents. It is very simple: Daniel Bornstein is the attorney to go to when needing representation for real estate concerns in SF. He will do everything RIGHT with professionalism, respect and a deep understanding of all factors involved with your case. In my experience working with Daniel, I was able to make it through some very challenging experiences while maintaining composure, respect and value for all parties involved.

— Michael K., San Francisco, February 2014

When selecting the right real estate attorney to work with, I was anxious about what I didn’t know, navigating precariously the many agencies that are involved in any real estate issue in San Francisco. Daniel has worked with us from the beginning and has every day earned more and more respect, confidence and trust. Having worked with corporate attorneys from New York, Harvard Law, Germany, India, I must say, Daniel is amongst the very best! Engage him, it will be the best decision you will make. He is one of the most valuable resources for any real estate matter in San Francisco, CA.

— N.G., San Francisco, CA, May 2013

I have retained Daniel Bornstein four times over the past 3 years to represent a building I manage. Though each case was unique, one being a commercial eviction, the other three various types of residential cases, the outcome was the same in each: a judgment in my favor. The real estate laws in this city are byzantine and stacked heavily against landlords; Daniel always explains all the potential outcomes (which I’ve learned are numerous and often counter-intuitive) and helps me reach the best possible one as quickly as possible. He has extensive knowledge of San Francisco tenant law, and explains all the angles to you concisely and responsively by email and phone. In front of opposing counsel, he is direct and to the point–an assertive but pragmatic negotiator who will ensure you get the best judgment possible. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no better hedge against bad tenants than Daniel Bornstein.

— Eli B., San Francisco, CA, January 2011

Daniel is the best attorney I have ever worked with! He always searches for the best solution possible, as he works in the best interest of his clients. His rates are reasonable, and he is never trying to make money out of his clients.
Recently, when I had a very tough issue with my tenant who was actually trying to force me out of my own house, initially I was represented by a counsel who charged me a lot of money for doing nothing and making things in my case even worse. Luckily, I was introduced to Daniel who resolved my issue, helped me and my family to get back to normal life and saved tens of thousands of dollars for us. He is extremely professional with an exceptional knowledge of real estate and related law, very courteous. I would strongly recommend him if you ever need an attorney to resolve any landlord/tenant and real estate disputes efficiently. It is known that periodically he gives great real state educational speeches to the public and you can check it yourself if needed. If they had 1000 stars, I would rate Daniel with 1000 stars. Again, I would highly recommend Bornstein Law as the best legal shield to all their clients.

— Rousdem D., San Francisco, CA, April 2014

I’m a real estate agent in San Francisco, and when my clients have questions about landlord tenant issues, Daniel Bornstein is always the one I turn to. No one understands the complex, ever changing laws the way he does. Besides being knowledgeable, he is also incredibly responsive. In a business where reaching a lawyer can take days, he is always quick to take the time to provide thorough, proactive solutions. Lastly, I appreciate how straightforward and businesslike he always is. I’d highly recommend him to anyone who needs counsel regarding the intricacies of landlord tenant law.

— Kira M., San Francisco, CA, February 2015





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