Daniel's message to the rental housing industry

In this edition, we attempt to fulfill our ongoing commitment to continually update our valued clients, friends, colleagues and partners on a swath of legal topics that impact the rental housing industry throughout the Bay Area.

We have noted that bed bugs are proliferating in rental units, but with a Inglewood family receiving the largest payout ever in a bed bug lawsuit, we wanted to revisit this topic and the landlord’s rights and responsibilities in this article.

In the hot seat lately, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been grilled over alleged housing ad discrimination on the company’s social network. The allegation that advertisements excluded ethnic groups has spawned a housing discrimination lawsuit that is instructive for landlords and property managers.

Reports of sexual harassment have rocked high-powered industries and just about every facet of society, so it was only a matter of time that this difficult subject has trickled its way down to the rental housing industry. We take it head on here.

As we almost close the curtain on Q1, there has been a flurry of legislative initiatives that are aimed to solve California’s affordable housing crunch.

We’ve condensed them in this article, where we also examine local rent control ordinances with a hyper focus on Oakland, a city that is moving ever closer to the rent stabilization measures of San Francisco.

The affordable housing deficit has taken a more pronounced toll on students and educators. We chronicle their plight and proposed bills to end student homelessness here.

In our 23+ years of managing landlord-tenant relationships, domestic violence has been one of the most gut-wrenching disputes we have been interjected into.Because of the many heartfelt comments we received from an earlier article on this subject, we offer additional commentary and highlight the law surrounding a victim’s request to change the locks.

Even as we keep an eye on the larger picture, the seasoned landlord attorneys stand ready to serve you in the more mundane issues that affect your rental business – contact our office to manage legal relationships, avoid or resolve conflict, and cauterize risk.

We wish you the best in your real estate endeavors and hope to play an instrumental role in your success.

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