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Update on efforts to curtail 'fake' comfort animals

When tenants make the questionable assertion that they need an emotional support animal, it leaves many landlords in a quandary. Although legislation aimed at reducing instances of fraudulent comfort animals has been withdrawn, this issue has been brought to the forefront and is sure to be aired out in other venues.


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Update on the leaning tower of San Francisco

After successfully prosecuting an unlawful detainer action in the sinking building and since its debut on 60 Minutes, we wanted to revisit the Millennium Tower and see what is going on now.


Illegal Units

When property owners decide to rent their illegal unit, case law suggests they have no more enforceable contract rights than a drug dealer, and the consequences are especially harrowing in rent controlled jurisdictions. If there is any bright spot, it is the culture of amnesty in bringing these clandestine units up to code.

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