Oakland Rent Control Saga And Real Estate Market


Frank Sinatra may have sung about the city that never sleeps, but at Bornstein Law, our souls dance to the beat of a different drum – Oakland.


It was with much optimism in an earlier post that we highlighted the resurgence of Oakland real estate, and are glad to see that Oakland continues to push the needle, with Oakland homes selling faster than any other city – get the full scoop in this article.


Although Oakland is a formidable city that is an agent of change in the Bay Area, it is not a panacea, with battle lines being drawn against property owners and tenants. In shaping this debate, it’s helpful for both sides to understand one another. To put a human face on Oakland landlords, we shared a profile of mom-and-pop rental property owners in this post.


Our consensus? The majority of landlords have less than five units and are studious, responsible owners that provide tremendous value to their tenants and the community at large by providing safe, clean and affordable housing. 


This human element can be easily lost in the heat of the debate and due to popularized media who with a broad brush, unfortunately mischaracterize Bay Area landlords as greedy, self-serving or otherwise vilify them. 


Having dealt with landlord-tenant relations for over two decades, the Oakland real estate lawyers at Bornstein Law can attest to the morality of the vast majority of landlords and count them among the stewards of the community.


Tenant advocates have proposed several onerous measures and while this debate is worth having, many Oakland landlords need not enter the fray. Oakland’s Rental Adjustment Ordinance covers all property used for residential housing, but there are several exceptions. 


Rental property owners can learn about the many RAP exemptions by visiting this site, or better yet, contact Bornstein Law so we can advise you if your exempt, based on your unique circumstances.


As a proud East Bay resident, founding attorney Daniel Bornstein is more than a passive observer of Oakland real estate news, serving on the front lines to protect Oakland landlord rights.



As the founding attorney of Bornstein Law, Broker of Record for Bay Property Group and expert witness, Daniel Bornstein is a foremost and well-respected expert in landlord-tenant disputes and other property management issues with over 23 years of experience in handling real estate and civil litigation related disputes in and throughout the Bay Area. More than a litigator, Daniel manages rental properties, assists in completing real estate transactions and is well known for his educational seminars. He is always eager to answer questions and engage with Bay Area landlords, property owners and real estate professionals. Email him today.




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