Richmond Rent Control &
The Richmond Fair Rent, Just Cause for Eviction, and Homeowner Protection Ordinance


After a particularly acrimonious battle between landlords and tenant groups, Richmond rent control measures were passed in 2015, codified by the Richmond Fair Rent, Just Cause for Eviction, and Homeowner Protection Ordinance.


These rent control laws bar landlords from raising rents by more than 3% each year and embrace “just cause” eviction protections, meaning a landlord cannot evict a tenant without a valid reason, such as not paying rent, creating a nuisance or committing a crime, among other enumerated transgressions.


Under CAL. CIV. CODE § 1954.52, residential units with two or more units that have a certificate of occupancy prior to February 1, 1995 are subject to Richmond rent control, with some exceptions.


Rent Board Regulation 17-10 requires landlords to file a copy of all rental increase notices, changes in terms of tenancy and tenancy termination notices with the five-member Richmond Rent Board within two business days after serving notice to the tenant. The landlord must also pay fees to help absorb the costs of implementing the program. Because the documentation requirements are especially burdensome, attorney consultation is well-advised. 


One of the most controversial aspects of the law is the establishment of relocation fees, running upwards to $16,000, that the owner could have to pay to tenants when the rental property is sold or it becomes owner-occupied.


In the pantheon of Bay Area cities with rent stabilization policies, Richmond rent control has some of the most onerous measures for landlords to follow. Measure L leans heavily towards tenants that overwhelmingly voted for the law, making it imperative for Richmond rental property owners to have a landlord lawyer in their corner.


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Rent control applies in some form or fashion in the following locales.


» San Francisco
» Oakland
» Berkeley
» San Jose
» Emeryville
» Alameda
» Hayward
» Richmond
» Mountain View


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