San Francisco Court Deficits Can Impact Landlords


San Francisco Courts will limit its hours and close down for business every Friday, thanks to a 9 percent cut in state funding allocations. Unpaid furloughs were the result of a $5.3 million deficit faced by San Francisco Superior Court, the largest budget cut across California’s 58 trial courts. The lack of clerk staff will likely lead to greater administrative hurdles that stand to delay an already deliberate process, we predict at Bornstein Law.


To get the full scoop on the Court’s cost-saving measures, consult this article.


The anticipated backlogs make it more important than ever for Bay Area landlords to commence any unlawful detainer actions early on.


Our Bay Area real estate attorneys have always attempted to dissuade clients from wishful thinking that a landlord-tenant dispute will work itself out on its own. Since eviction is a court-supervised process that needs to play itself out, a landlord can lose months of rent before the habitually late-paying tenant is removed from the premises.


Ordinarily, we urge clients to enforce their property owner rights at the first signs of conflict, but the Court’s trimming of services and resulting delays serve as an exclamation point for landlords to take a proactive approach. 


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