“Everyone loves a great comeback story” is the forward to an article that chronicles widespread housing recovery , with the Bay Area cited as one of the greatest beneficiaries of the rebound.

The 2007 real estate crash wreaked much havoc for owners as well as real estate industry professionals. On a national level, median home prices have fully recovered and then some, but some markets have not shared in the prosperity.

At Bornstein Law, we feel encouraged by this positive trend and are optimistic that improvements will be felt by other cities that have been hardest hit.

Closer to home, San Francisco home prices have risen 53% since 2011. We don’t have to tell you that those were hard times, but happily, most of our clients do not look in the back mirror and currently enjoy the upward trajectory of housing prices.


While the real estate market will inevitably go up and down, one thing is constant - our fierce advocacy on your behalf in pursuit of your goals.

There is some evidence that these prices have plateaued for the time being, but relatively speaking, we are in good shape.

None the less, it’s not a panacea, with the Bay Area facing a handful of housing issues that we’ve been following closely at Bornstein Law.



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