You probably know by now that The Millennium Towers, San Francisco’s infamous luxury tower, is in peril. The massive and fantastically expensive structure is sinking and tilting, in part because during construction, it didn’t use piles into the bedrock beneath the surface.

If you are the cerebral type, you’ll enjoy this article where architectural design professor Tom Leslie breaks down the science. Although we originally wrote this particular article some time ago, we wanted to give our readers the update that engineers may have found a solution to the sinking building. More in this newsflash

49ers legend Joe Montana called The Millennium Towers his home until he discovered the building’s woes and listed the home to the tune of $4 million and initiated a lawsuit against Millennium Partners and the city, citing the “uninhabitable and unmarketable” nature of the football great’s condo. Get the full scoop on this side story here.

While many have witnessed this spectacle with amusement, we at Bornstein Law have been more than casual observers, having successfully prosecuted an unlawful detainer action in the embattled building.

In a nutshell, the tenant refused to pay the rent, claiming the sinking building created an unsafe condition, an argument that Bornstein Law rejected as outlandish, and the Court agreed. The result was a Judgement granted for possession of the premises, allowing for an immediate eviction, as well as a monetary judgement in the amount of $42,716.

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This is just one illustration of our success in preserving the substantial real estate investments of our clients.


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