As the Bay Area’s respected leaders in Owner Move-In Eviction (OMI), we at Bornstein Law are heavy consumers of measures that aim to limit a property owner’s desire to relocate responsible tenants for their own use.


One such initiative came to pass Tuesday by The Board of Supervisors, who approved new limits on the owner move-in evictions but by the narrowest of margins, the supes refused to add enforcement provisions that would furnish data on landlord buyouts to the city.  The 6-5 vote was split, predictably, between the progressives and the pro-market moderate forces.


There is quite a lot of drama that has come to a climax in the measure – you can get a full version of the myriad proposals and pent up tensions in this article. One of the hotbed issues has been the reporting of tenant buy outs, a legal arrangement whereby the tenants vacate the premises for monetary compensation. This is a topic we took on in an earlier post.


For over two decades, founding Daniel Bornstein and his team have had an imprint in hundreds of tenant buy outs, helping Bay Area landlords negotiate a prudent, proper and ethical buyout agreement for you to be in compliance with the ever-changing laws and regulations. 



As the founding attorney of Bornstein Law, Broker of Record for Bay Property Group and expert witness, Daniel Bornstein is a foremost and well-respected expert in landlord-tenant disputes and other property management issues with over 23 years of experience in handling real estate and civil litigation related disputes.

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