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Wrongful eviction lawsuits are proliferating throughout the Bay Area, making it prudent for rental housing providers to obtain coverage against these type of tenant lawsuits.



Given the shortage of housing in the Bay Area, it's unsurprising that some commercial tenants are improperly living out of space that is not zoned for residential use. These makeshift abodes present significant liability issues that landlords must correct. 


Bornstein Law has been pioneers in the rules and regulations concerning Airbnb and other modern day iterations of the temporary flop. This video addresses some concerns on the minds of rental property owners.


Selecting the right tenants can avoid vexing problems down the road. In this video, Daniel Bornstein tells you how to get it right the first time.


Bed bugs have proliferated Bay Area dwellings. Now, landlords must comply with new disclosure requirements and have other obligations under new laws that went into effect July 2017. Daniel Bornstein takes on this itching topic in this video.


Daniel Bornstein highlights some pointed insights on how to protect your rental business. Although it was framed as New Year's resolutions, these issues exist to this day and the info is timeless.



Ironically, the only constant in life and in Bay Area real estate, is change. As rules and regulations evolve, you can count on Bornstein Law to keep you informed. Follow us on Facebook to stay in the know.




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